that this is the hardest time of year for many people in my community. that many of my friends will never be welcome “home” for the holidays. that I have friends who have children who will never know their grandparents. that if I went home I would be the only “single” cousin at my grandmother’s…

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~ Andrea Gibson: reasons to stay alive


Tambourines. Fire pits. Paper boats. Snap peas. Snow flakes. Bay windows. Porch swings. Dance routines. Macaroni necklaces. High fives. Rotary phones. Flying lady bugs. Ferris wheels. Extra buttons. Crooked teeth. Bearded women. Dust drawings. Fabric stores. Turtle faces. Sleep overs. Mixed tapes….

~ Givology: Kennedy Odede co-founded Shining Hope for Communities (One of our...


Kennedy Odede co-founded Shining Hope for Communities (One of our lovely partners) with fellow activist Jessica Posner. “Shining Hope for Communities has developed a community-driven model to combat inter-generational cycles of gender inequality in the midst of extreme poverty. They link…

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Another day, Another dollar

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Sleeping Beauties

When animals are asleep, they are at their most vulnerable; even the most dangerous predator can look beautiful & gentle while sleeping. When in the land of dreams, all creatures are equals in this world. We are all Sleeping Beauties, just like the creatures in these beautiful sleeping animal pictures.


an ode to olin library where my brain stretched & strengthened | 2013